80 Scare in the Air

81 Pokeball Peril

82 The Lost Lapras

83 Fit to be Tide

84 Pikachu Re-Volts

85 The Crystal Onix

86 In the Pink

87 Shell Shock

88 Stage Fight!

89 Bye Bye Psyduck

90 The Joy of Pokemon

91 Navel Maneuvers

92 Snack Attack

93 A Ship Full of Shivers

94 Meowth Rules

95 Tracey Gets Bugged

96 A Way off Day off

97 The Mandarin Island Miss Match

98 Wherefore Art Thou, Pokemon?

99 Git Along, Little Pokemon

100 The Mystery Menace

101 Misty Meets Her Match

102 Bound For Trouble

103 Charizard Chills

104 The Pokemon Water War

105 Pokemon Food Fight

106 Pokemon Double Trouble

107 The Wacky Watcher

108 The Stun Spore Detour

109 Hello Pummelo

110 Enter the Dragonite

111 Viva Las Lapras

112 The Underground Round Up

113 A Tent Situation

114 The Rivalry Revival

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