115 Don't Touch That Dile!

116 The Double Trouble Header

117 A Sappy Ending

118 Roll On, Pokemon

119 Illusion Confusion

120 Flower Power

121 Spinarak Attack

122 Snubbull Snobbery

123 The Little Big Horn

124 The Chikorita Rescue

125 Once in a Blue Moon

126 Whistle Stop

127 Ignorance is Blissey

128 A Bout With Sprout

129 Fighting Flyer With Fire

130 For Crying Out Loud

131 Tanks A Lot!

132 Charizard's Burning Ambitions

133 Grin To Win!

134 Chikorita's Big Upset

135 Foul Weather Friends

136 The Superhero Secret

137 Mild 'n Wooly

138 Wired For Battle

139 Good 'Quil Hunting

140 A Shadow Of A Drought

141 Going Apricorn!

142 Gettin' The Bugs Out

143 A Farfetch'd Tale

144 Tricks Of The Trade

145 The Fire-ring Squad

146 No Big Woop

147 Tunnel Vision

148 Hour of the Houndour

149 The Totodile Duel

150 Hot Matches

151 Love, Totodile Style

152 Fowl Play

153 Forest Grumps

154 The Psychic Side Kicks

155 The Fortune Hunters

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