Here Are The Episodes Of Season 1 Where Ash Begins His Journey At Age 10

001: Pokemon, I Choose You!

002: Pokemon Emergency

003: Ash Catches A Pokemon

004: Challenge Of The Samurai

005: Showdown In Pewter City

006: Clefairy And The Moon Stone

007: Water Flowers Of Cerulean City

008: The Path To The Pokemon League

009: The School Of Hard Knocks

010: Bulbasaur And The Hidden Village

011: Charmander The Stray Pokemon

012: Here Comes The Squirtle Squad

013: Mystery At The Lighthouse

014: Electric Shock Showdown

015: Battle Aboard The St.Anne

016: Pokemon Shipwreck

017: The Island Of The Giant Pokemon

018: Beauty And The Beach

019: Tentacool And Tentacruel

020: The Ghost At Maiden's Peak

021: Bye-Bye Butterfree

022: Abra And The Psychic Pokemon

023: The Tower Of Terror

024: Haunter Vs. Kadabra

025: Primeape Goes Bananas

026: Pokemon Scent-sation

027: Hypno's Naptime

028: Pokemon Fashion Flash

029: The Punchy Pokemon

030: Sparks Fly For Magnemite

031: Dig Those Diglett

032: The Ninja Poke-Showdown

033: The Flame Pokemon-athon

034: The Kangaskhan Kid

035: The Bridge Bike Gang

036: Ditto's Mysterious Mansion

037: Pikachu's Goodbye

038: The Battling Eevee Brothers

039: Wake Up Snorlax

040: Showdown At Dark City

041: March Of The Exeggutor Squad

042: The Problem With Paras

043: The Song Of Jigglypuff

044: Attack Of The Prehistoric Pokemon

045: A Chansey Operation

046: Holy Matrimony

047: So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd

048: Who Gets To Keep Togepi!?

049: Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden

050: Princess Vs Princess

051: The Purr-Fect Hero

052: Case Of The K-9 Capers

053: Pokemon Paparazzi

054: The Ultimate Test

055: The Breeding Center Secret

056: Riddle Me This

057: Volcanic Panic!

058: Beach Blank-Out Blastoise

059: The Misty Mermaid

060: Clefairy Tales

061: The Battle Of The Badge

062: It's Mr.Mimie Time

063: Holiday Hi-Jynx

064: Snow Way Out

065: Showdown At The Poke Corral

066: The Evolution Solution

067: The Pi-Kahuna

068: Make Room For Gloom

069: Lights, Camera, Quacktion!

070: Go West, Young Meowth

071: To Master The Onixpected

072: The Ancient Puzzle Of Pokemopolis

073: Bad To The Bone

074: All Fired Up

075: Round One - Begin!

076: Fire And Ice

077: Fourth Round Rumble

078: A Friend In Deed

079: Friend Or Foe Alike

080: Friends To The End

081: Pallet Party Panic!

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