156 A Goldenrod Opportunity

157 A Dairy Tale Ending

158 Air Time

159 The Bug Stops Here

160 Type Casting

161 Fossil Fools

162 Carrying On

163 Hassle in the Castle

164 Two Hits and a Miss

165 A Hot Water Battle

166 Hook, Line and Stinker

167 Beauty and the Breeder

168 A Better Pill to Swallow

169 Power Play!

170 Mountain Time

171 Wobbu-Palooza

172 Imitation Confrontation

173 The Trouble With Snubbull

174 Ariados, Amigos!

175 Wings 'n Things!

S4 Mewtwo Returns

176 The Grass Route

177 The Apple Corps

178 Houndoom's Special Delivery

179 A Ghost of a Chance

180 From Ghost to Ghost

181 Trouble's Brewing!

182 All That Glitters

183 The Light Fantastic

184 UnBEARable

185 Moving Pictures

186 Spring Fever

187 Freeze Frame

188 The Stolen Stones!

189 The Dunsparse Deception

190 The Wayward Wobbuffet

191 Sick Daze

192 Ring Masters

193 The Poke Spokesman

194 Control Freak!

195 The Art of Pokemon

196 The Heartbreak of Brock

197 Current Events

198 Turning Over A New Bayleef

199 Doin' What Comes Natu-rally

200 The Balloon Blow Up

201 The Screen Actor's Guilt

202 Right On, Rhydon!

203 The Kecleon Caper

204 The Joy of Water Pokemon

205 Got Miltank?

206 Fight for the Light

207 Machoke, Machoke Man

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