208 Around The Whirlpool

209 Fly Me To The Moon

210 Takin' It On The Chinchou!

211 The Corsola Caper

212 Mantine Overboard!

213 Octillery The Outcast!

214 Dueling Heroes

215 The Perfect Match

216 Plant It Now...Diglett Later

217 Hi Ho Silver...Away!

218 The Mystery is History!

219 A Parent Trapped

220 A Promise is a Promise

221 Throwing In the Noctowl

222 Nerves of Steelix

223 Bulbasaur...The Ambassador

224 Espeon Not Included!

225 For Ho-oh the Bells Toll

226 Extreme Pokemon

227 An Egg-Sighting Adventure

228 Hatching a Plan

229 Dues and Don'ts

230 Just Waiting On A Friend

231 A Tyrogue Full of Trouble

232 Xatu the Future

233 Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution

234 Rage of Innocence

235 As Cold as Pryce

236 Nice Pryce Baby!

237 Whichever Way the Wind Blows

238 Some Like It Hot

239 Hocus Pokemon

240 As Clear As Crystal

241 Same Old Song And Dance

242 Enlighten Up!

243 Will The Real Oak Please Stand Up?

244 Wish Upon A Star Shape

245 Outrageous Fortunes!

246 One Trick Phony!

247 I Politoed Ya So!

248 The Ice Cave BANNED

249 Beauty is Skin Deep

250 Fangs for Nothin'

251 Great Bowls of Fire!

252 Better Eight Than Never

253 Why? Wynaut!

254 Just Add Water

255 Lapras of Luxury

256 Hatch Me If You Can

257 Entei at Your Own Risk

258 A Crowning Achievement

259 Here's Lookin' At You, Elekid

260 You're A Star, Larvitar!

261 Address Unown

262 Mother of All Battles

263 Pop Goes the Sneasel

264 A Claim to Flame

265 Love, Pokemon Style

266 Tie One On!

267 The Ties That Bind

268 Can't Beat The Heat!

269 Playing with Fire!

270 Johto Photo Finish

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